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Urban Ministries

Urban Ministry Program

Module 4: Teaching the Bible

This equips you to present a Bible passage to any group of people, in a way that engages their hearts, whilst being faithful to the text. It encourages you to consider the people in your context, and how to best present God’s word to them. At the end of this module you should know how to:

  • Preach to people’s hearts, rather than their heads.
  • Preach to a variety of people from different backgrounds.
  • Walk people through a Bible passage in an engaging way.
  • Make good sermon applications that are rooted in the text.
  • Point people to Christ.

Urban Ministries Program Group Photo

Class of 2013

What kind of training do you need for Urban Ministry?
Gospel centered,
Bible focused,
theologically rigorous,
culturally aware,
church based,
contextualized training,
in an urban environment.




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