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P&P tends to be £4 for most orders, but can vary depending on how much you’re ordering. Check the shopping cart to see how much the total delivery charge for your order is.

We aim to get all products to you within two weeks, however, if you need if faster, please let us know and we’ll accommodate you.


Urban Catechism part 1 (A5 Booklet) £5

Urban Catechism part 1 Teacher’s Guide (A4 booklet) £10

Urban Catechism part 2 (A5 Booklet) £4

A gospel-centred catechism based on the Order of Salvation

Urban Catechism part 3 (A5 Booklet) £4

A gospel-centred catechism based on the 10 commandments

Image Bearers (A5 workbook) £4

For more info click here: www.duncanf.blogspot.com/2018/06/the-image-bearers-series-is-finally.html

Duncan’s doctoral dissertation on Council Estate Discipleship and the Image of God (PDF) £5


Urban Hymns Vol 1 CD £5

Originally called Urban Worship vol 1.
Click here to listen www.soundcloud.com/urbanministries/sets/urban-hymns-vol-1

Urban Hymns Vol 2 CD £5

Click here to listen www.soundcloud.com/urbanministries/sets/urban-hymns-vol2

Lyric Videos of Songs £4 per video

As seen on YouTube. These files can be used in church services. When ordering, please specify which song you want, and whether you want the instrumental (INST) or the version with singing on it (VOX)


UMP edition Urban Catechism pt1. Teacher’s Guide £12

This edition of the Urban Catechism pt 1. Teacher’s Guide includes extra hand-outs for the discipleship extras taught on the UMP.

Biblical Theology Workbook £25

138 page workbook containing detailed notes & diagrams for the Biblical Theology UMP module

Exegesis Workbook £20

102 page workbook which includes detailed notes/diagrams, and space for answering the exercise questions for the UMP Exegesis module.

Urban Mission Workbook £25

140 page workbook containing detailed notes and diagrams & discussion questions for the UMP Urban Mission module.

Teaching the Bible Workbook £10