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Urban Ministries

Urban Ministry Program

Module 5: Urban Mission

We start this module by following the theme of mission throughout the Bible (this part is easier to grasp if you’ve previously done the Biblical Theology module). We highlight certain themes, that give us parameters for mission. Then we look at how mission was done in the New Testament, as well as cross cultural missionary principles. Finally, the student uses what they have learned to come up with a mission strategy for their own neighbourhood or ministry. By the end of this module you should be able to:

  • Review how you are presently doing mission, and identify any gaps.
  • Come up with a comprehensive strategy for mission in any area, whether it be youth-work, music ministry, mercy ministry, etc.

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Class of 2013

What kind of training do you need for Urban Ministry?
Gospel centered,
Bible focused,
theologically rigorous,
culturally aware,
church based,
contextualized training,
in an urban environment.




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